Recognize the Power of Organizational Culture

When strategy and a learning culture are aligned, the benefit to your organization is limitless

Management consultant and educator Peter Drucker famously stated that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If organizational culture discourages innovation, it will be difficult to implement change. 

As you work tirelessly to align mission, vision, strategy, goals, and objectives, do you find his statement to be frustratingly true? Do you find that you implement a strategy only to see it “eaten up” by a lack of buy-in, enthusiasm, or support?

You are not alone.

Creating an organizational culture that embraces a learning dynamic, adapts to organizational change, and welcomes transformative goals helps take your organization to next-level exceptionalism.

A leader models this by inviting honest feedback in after-action reports, recognizing and rewarding innovation by staff and framing setbacks as stepping stones to improvement. 

Think of strategy and culture as two sides of the same coin and approach organizational goals with both frames in mind. When strategy and culture are aligned, the benefit to your organization is limitless.  

Beth Anne Rankin, Ed.D.
With professional experience ranging from the Governor’s Office and State Treasury to foundations, higher education, small business, K12, and nonprofits, Dr. Beth Anne Rankin infuses 20 years of executive and organizational expertise into her consulting work.

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